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I'm considering a custom map; how much would that be?

Prices are based on the size of the starting hardwood "blank": $300 for the typical 2-1/4 board-foot map (12"x18"x1-1/2") in maple or cherry before tax and shipping. (The price for an original is based on the time required to develop it, 24-72 hours is typical. Copies are available at steep discounts.)

Included in the typical model are depictions of things like roads, property lines, trees, water features, and a text title.

Other options are feasible; for flat areas it's common to add a thicker carved "picture frame" to stiffen the result. Want a volcano on you property? a canyon? a crater? Piece of cake for the computer...

What hardwoods and thicknesses are used?

Popular hardwood choices are cherry and maple, because woodgrain tends to be less pronounced. However, we've done projects in black walnut and exotics like padauk and purpleheart.

Thickness is pretty much dictated by the landscape being modeled. Everything looks flat from 30,000 feet, but most terrains begin to look deeper as they come closer, requiring more thickness to portray them.

A simple rule is: for the same region of interest, the wider the area being modeled, the thinner the model can be. And conversely, the smaller the area, the thicker the model has to be to depict the elevation range.

How long will it take?

In-stock items can ship within 48 hours. Out-of-stock may take 3-4 days to re-create and ship.

A typical time for a custom design, from your idea to a proposal is about 2 weeks. After your acceptance it is typically another 2 weeks to carve, finish and ship.

Is it to-scale?

Unless you insist, probably not. Most people think models presented at scale look "too flat," so elevations are exaggerated by from 3X to 5X.

What about taxes and shipping?

Wisconsin sales tax is 5.5%. Shipping is free to the lower 48 states.


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