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Welcome to MySquareFoot

and yours...

Celebrating all the special places.

3D Carved Hardwood Topographic Maps of:  Any. Where.

MySquareFoot is
everyone's favorite place
for favorite places

MySquareFoot exists to carve your favorite spots into
tactile maps.

Choice of Materials

Our carved topographic maps are offered in popular hardwoods or high-density urethanne foam (HDU).

Young lady holding and looking at wooden map.

Hundreds of Models Made

We've been designing and carving topographic models since 2006. We can do your project, and it will be unique. Visit our Gallery to see many and widely varied examples.

The Steps (for a Custom Model)

You provide the general or particular location of the area. We work up a digital prototype, You approve. We execute it in the size and material of your choice. (Or you order from our past works: 1 step!)

    We've never seen a place we didn't like, and we've modeled lots of places.

    We've made maps of farms, parks, towns, counties, rivers, mountain ranges, islands, states, countries, continents, and even planetary bodies, from under 2 to over 30 inches. We've even got some ideas about how to tackle projects larger than our current machines.

    We'd be happy to make you a copy of something we've already made, or work with you to create "the next thing," large or small. 


Mazomanie, Wisconsin
Greater Metro area